Behringer Europower PMP560M

6-channel, 500W Powered Mixer with Built-in FX Processor, 7-band Graphic EQ, and FBQ Feedback Detection

Powered Mixer with FX!


You're ready to run the show with the Behringer Europower PMP560M powered mixer with effects. This mono 500W powered mixer gives you 6 mono channels with mic pres and an additional aux stereo input. The built-in FX processor gives you 25 effects presets including delays, reverbs, chorus, and more. In addition to the effects you also get a 3-band EQ on each channel, and a 7-band graphic EQ with FBQ feedback detection. If you want a powered mixer that makes a sonic impact, check out the Behringer PMP560M powered mixer with effects.

Behringer Europower PMP560M Powered Mixer at a Glance:

  • Sound your best with built-in FX
  • Lightweight and efficient Class D amplifier technology
  • Graphic EQ with feedback detection

Sound your best with built-in FX
The PMP560M sports a built-in FX processor featuring 25 effects presets. You get a whole slew of delays, reverbs, modulations, pitch-shifters, and multi-FX to spice up your sound. Add a hint of reverb and delay to vocals, or a lush chorus to your acoustic guitar. The PMP560M's 24-bit digital effects add a professional touch to any performance.

Lightweight and efficient Class D amplifier technology
Thanks to the revolutionary Class D technology with "near-zero" thermal buildup, the lightweight PMP560M runs very cool, no more massive heat sinks or toroid transformers. 

Graphic EQ with Feedback Detection
The 7-band graphic EQ on the PMP560M features Behringer's FBQ feedback detection system to help you sound your best. When feedback occurs, LEDs on the EQ sliders light up – just turn down the slider with the brightest LED, and you've turned down the offending frequency. It's a great problem solver if you have to mix and perform at the same time, taking the guesswork out of eliminating feedback.

Behringer Europower PMP560M Powered Mixer Features:

  • 6-channel powered mixer with EQ, effects, and FBQ feedback detection
  • Built-in FX processor adds some sparkle to your live sound
  • Up to 500 peak watts to power your speakers
  • Can be expanded for wireless mic operation with the Ultralinnk ULM100USB system (sold separately)
  • One XLR and one TRS line input per channel

The Behringer Europower PMP560M is a powerful performer!