Behringer X-ADAT

32-in/32-out ADAT Expansion Card for X32 Digital Console

Add 32-in/32-out ADAT Connectivity to Your X32 Mixer

The Behringer X-ADAT expansion card will add serious functionality to your Behringer X32 digital mixing console. It adds simultaneous 32-in, 32-out ADAT connectivity, plus a BNC connection for word clock in/out. The X-ADAT expansion is perfect for sending signals to a recorder eight channels at a time. It's also perfect for substituting your own A/D and D/A converters live or in your studio. You'll appreciate the extra connectivity and flexibility the Behringer X-ADAT expansion card gives your X32 console.

Behringer X-ADAT Expansion Card for X32 Mixers Features at a Glance:

  • 32-in/32-out ADAT expansion card for X32 digital mixers
  • Supports 24-bit audio at 44.1k or 48k
  • Can sync to an external clock through any of the TOSlink inputs
  • Word clock in and out via BNC
  • Adds functionality for both studio and live use

Get more from your X32 mixer with the Behringer X-ADAT expansion card!